Moving to Hugo

A new place to publish

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So after a few years of hoarding my writing and works it was about time I found a place for them. Took a look at options like Blogger and WordPress. And they both have some pro’s and con’s. With any new site hosting is also a consideration. Do I run it at on something like HostGator or go all in with GCP or AWS. Is hosting on one of the public clouds overkill?

But I have started to notice a trend where people are putting content out with no comment sections. So a blog with no where for people to comment. Now sure some can make an argument that it isn’t a blog but a page with content. But when you think about it. Most people have a slew of social media platforms to interact with them on. Why does a blog need a comment section?

So I decided to go to a static site. I didn’t want to manage the security of building something on my own. I also didn’t care for managing responses from people either. This took me down a rabbit hole on managing the content. Sure I can hand roll my site with pure HTML. But do I want to? The simple answer it, no. On to my search for a tool to generate static web content. Looked at Jekyll and a few others but decided to use Hugo. The reviews so far have been both good and bad. I couldn’t tell if it was Jekyll fans complaining that it wasn’t Jekyll enough or what.

So far not bad at all. Installing Hugo was easy didn’t take long at all. Documentation was all up-to-date and easy to follow. I picked out a quick theme and boom I am done. But when it came to hosting I have to admit I am a cloud guy so it has to go to the cloud.

I picked up on what Nathan did to host his site. Figured this cannot be too hard to follow.

Side note giving full credit to the Hermit theme.