Kubernetes and Pi

Great project to work through installing and configuring Kubernetes

kubernetes plus raspberrypi

So it’s post SpringOne Platform. And like many who had the privilege of speaking at this event, weeks leading up to it have been busy. From last minute changes to your presentation to your everyday job. On top of that I help plan out joint extreme programming session with Pivotal at SpringOne.

But now after SpringOne the dust has settled. My followups are complete. So I have a lot of personal time that has freed up. Time for some side. Side is what we always talk about in technology. I am not going to get in to the perils of starting a side project. I know most die before they even get started.

So I am going to run Kubernetes on a few Raspberry Pi’s. I have had a few teasers Twitter post about it. Sure others have done this before. If you search for it you can find quite a few examples. So I am going to take one of these examples and follow it through, denote any changes I had to make.

Not going to go on how the content is out of date. People have day jobs. And the cloud space is changing faster than most companies could keep up with.

The bigger question is why? Why would you want to do this little side project? The answer is simple and two folds. First, working through what most operators have to go through to do an install. See what is missing and what else needs to be done. Next, I would love a portable demo environment for my talks. What better way to demo something in the cloud than to bring your own? Think of it as a talking piece.

So I will keep track of my progress here on my blog with the tag rpk8s. To store all the scripts I write for this little adventure, I created a Github repository. I will post link on where I purchased items online here as well.