Follow Up on TeamUp

Follow Up on TeamUp

Follow Up on TeamUp

So, I worked through how to do TeamUp over a few years working remotely for a few different clients. I have spent the last ten years or so being remote and traveling to meet clients. I am not opposed to Extreme Programming. I still enjoy the idea every once in a while to jam with a friend and write some code doing Extreme Programming.

Our world has changed and changed drastically. We have taken for granted being all on site and all in person. Those days might not return. Hard idea for anyone to come to grips with but it is the new reality we face today. But we as humans have always adapted to meet the challenge and this is no different.

With TeamUp there is a few check points we do daily.

  • Morning
  • Midday
  • Wrap up

Not to mention that there is the ad hoc meetings if someone get’s stuck. Or my favorite open the bridge and jam all day on a tough problem. But in these new times there are a few things that we need to remember about doing TeamUp.

First, make sure you have the equipment and set up you need to properly work and share remotely. From comfortable headphones to a working mic. AV issues are a huge distraction and if you and your teammate need to help get those fixed then do so. This saves time and frustrations on both sides. This could even be switching from Microsoft Team to Zoom or vise versa (not endorsing any one here). I had a new guy who I got to TeamUp with who introduced me to Visual Studio Live Share. I travel a lot, do speaking engagements, etc and never heard of this. It was short of life changing for me. But when him and I worked on Terraform scripts for Azure together this was our tool of choice.

Second, is compassion. I am not going to get all bleeding heart tech guy on this topic. But at the moment everyone is at home. Some with kids and some without. So if a little kid comes in and interrupts roll with it. If you don’t have kids know that parenting and working remotely is three full time jobs. And as you are thinking about it you counted two working and parenting. They are also a full time teacher. I normally try to put in checks for those parents I am working with. “Hey, it’s been quiet you need to go check on them?” If the take a moment so do I, like a built in kid/coffee break. This comes with being flexible. Schedules are fluid now. I get up for early morning meetings before kids are awake and need breakfast. And have popped back on after dinner to do wrap up. This is ok.

Lastly, know when to walk away. For those who haven’t been working remote for the past few years this isn’t working remote. This is living at work. There is a huge difference in working from home and living at work. When things get heated or someone stressing (you or your teammate) get up walk away. Take a moment compose yourself, clear your head and then jump back in.

This is starting to become the new normal for us. Some of us have done this for years. But most haven’t and it is helping everyone adjust to this. I have used TeamUp to help enable a lot of developers. It’s a framework that can and should be adjusted to meet your needs. Be safe out there.