DotNet Project Initialization

Getting Started Faster with Steeltoe and .NET Core

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Recently the Pivotal Steeltoe team released a project initializer or the Steeltoe Initializr. This is a simple site that you can select the project type and it will create a project ready to develop. All packaged up with the correct reference. In the .NET space this is a new concept for us. We use Visual Studio to stub out and create our projects. If it is using .NET Core the cli gives us dotnet new webapi. Then we take the time to add in the references etc.

So this is new concept for us but not so much for Java developers. The Spring Initializr has been around for years. Has had tens of thousands of projects it has bootstrapped. It gives Spring developers an opinionated way of creating new apps. If you ask a Java developer if they create a create a new Spring app from scratch. Well, you are going to get a few dumb looks.

So why is this Steeltoe Initializr important? If you are new to using Steeltoe this is the best way to start your project. Using different IDE’s throughout organization (VS, Rider, etc.) this is a great to start a project. As the Initializr is the rubric everyone can follow.

So I recommend you take the time, test the Steeltoe Initializrout and give it a try with your next .NET project. Works wonder anywhere .NET runs. Mind you at the time of writing this post it is still in beta.